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Based on long year ship industry manufacture experience in shanghai, china, We provide high quality metal foundry service. In this traditional field, We can provide metal casting in big range. Our advanced electric oven ensures the quality of our products. Through our 10T's oven , We can cast parts up to 7MX4M one time.

Combining the precise quality and efficiency in the industry field and the sense in the art world, We take the concept " art foundry industry" into the field. Based on the strong manufacture experiences, We provide the whole service for artist to help them create best quality products as well as best price. At the same time, through our professional and experienced art-sense stuffs, we can catch the sense of artist precisly.

We provide all the necessary services for sculptors under one roof... everything from enlarging, molds, to casting, finishing, painting. As many years' experience in both industry foundry and art foundry, We really have the pride for our work, please visit this website for further information.

ST art foundry Co, Ltd, located in the big city of china--nantong, is professional on sculpture casting as well as metal casting. We develop our sand casting, investment casting technology to create best quality products. Please send email to for more information. Our specialist will answer your questions on this issue.